The Kayakaya Girls

The primary form of sporting heavy loads in Ghana has traditionally been on the heads of the Kayakaya girls - the indigenous "female porters" - but the query remains why, given the provision of extra present day mechanical approach for many years.

this example begs the question: is there an opportunity to be exploited with the aid of the extra entrepreneurial Kayakaya ladies through embracing era or a marketplace for an progressive inventor to supply a product to be used in this region?

The Kayakaya ladies are young women who're primarily from the North of Ghana, usually have dropped out from college or have run away from home because of being forced into early marriages. these girls are prone with out a career possibilities to reach their complete ability because of poverty. In view in their plight, lifestyles can be a very tough period for these women and they face lots of risks, along with bodily and sexual abuse. however, these girls club together to shape a support community for themselves.

They see this enterprise as a way of being self sufficient, with a view to advantage their financial independence in the town facilities. The cause why these girls can function is because they can without problems maneuver inside the busy, congested alleys in the town centers with out creating a trouble. They appear to smoothly integrate with the commercial enterprise activities around them. If wheeled transport turned into used it'd motive severe disruption to clients and investors.

inside the local supermarkets in which clients deliver gadgets in purchasing trolleys it's far a specific enjoy compared to the open markets the usage of the services of the Kayakaya ladies.

on the busy streets of Accra you can still easily spot middle elegance human beings the usage of the services of Kayakaya ladies even as shopping inside the open marketplace. The offerings of the those ladies are reasonably-priced and rapid and assist you to complete and delivery your purchasing quickly to your car or a taxi at a minimum cost. they have got a recognition for honesty and reliability and as a result they may be popular around city centers.

hazard evaluation

most of those Kayakaya ladies behavior a brief danger assessment in their load. They do now not have any fitness and protection check list to work with. however given the character of their process one could hope that they did have test lists available.They have no health insurance cowl for their personal safety and protection. Kayakaya girls tend to be younger - underneath 40, It is not work you could do after the prime of existence.

fitness and safety

There seems to be no first resource factor in most open markets. similarly fundamental health training is not automatically provided to raise an focus of the occupational dangers that goes with this form of enterprise hobby..

concerns needing to be addressed.

it would be beneficial to sell higher health concerning desirable posture and the introduction of posters at bus stops/train stations in African countries could raise that focus.

it would be beneficial to create the awareness via the media as to the plight of those women in all neighborhood languages.

there is no first resource container effectively to be had in open markets in case of emergency remedy being wished. that is a place really worth exploring.

primary guide coping with /lifting schooling might benefit those Kayakaya ladies and empower them to realize extra about the ergonomics of lifting strategies and the essence of health and protection rules if there are any domestically.


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